The term Retrofit generally means the modernization of an older machine or plant, to update it to a more current version in terms of productivity, availability, and to meet regulatory requirements for operating safety. Retrofit may be an option when the machine is still in good mechanical working order, but the control engineering elements are technically obsolete, or if they can no longer be obtained from the manufacturer as spare parts.

In comparison to a new acquisition, an existing machine park can be technically and economically brought back up to date with significantly lower investments. One of the distinguishing characteristics of slitter - winding machines by Müller and labeling machines by Schleuter, but also sawmill machines by Adolf Müller, is their mechanical longevity, which makes their lifetime usage over many decades.

A retrofit may therefore be worth considering. You might find that the obstacles are usually the older components and machine controls and drive technology that can no longer be found as spare parts, which will make a retrofit necessary to lessen the risk of extended machine downtimes.

We are here to help, if you are considering an upgrade or retrofit of your Müller or Schleuter machine. Feel free to contact us as well, even if your R2R, labeling or sawmill machines were not part of our product range.

We would be happy to submit a proposal to you on how you can continue to utilize your old and proven machines in a more useful way.